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Update #11

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  • Added super loot mission Airdrop on Skalisty Island (its the only mission that spawns there)
  • Added Hero Set
  • Added Bandit Set
  • Added Event crates to admin menu
  • Updated Heli prices 
  • Updated Car prices
  • Updated Gold Price (Worth more)
  • Updated Mission (Military) 
  • Updated trader (Can now cook)
  • Updated Keys (Now get one when you buy a Vehicle)
  • Updated Land Rover Defender UN (Now comes fully kitted)
  • Updated Bank max currency (50mil)
  • Updated Admin Gear (Now a baseball cap and a vest with admin on)
  • Updated Key price to 5K (If you lose a key buy on and a admin will reset your car to pair a new key)
  • Testing Vodniks (more info to come)
  • New staff Member Wayne

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