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Player Vehicle Keys

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Hey everyone from the suggestion from @Kelly we have used his suggestion to make players pay for keys you want us to give back to you. So as of 26/05/2020 if you want an admin to give you a key back it will now cost you coins (In-Game money). Their will be NO cost if its a server related issue (Proof must be given) a list will be given below on the cost of the keys. This will very from vehicle to vehicle.

Based off Trader Menu.

Normal Trader

  • Used Cars, Bikes % ATVs, Busses& Vans:
    • 10k Per Vehicle.
  • Utility Vehicle:
    • 50k Per Vehicle.
  • Civilian Trucks:
    • 20k Per Vehicle.
  • Unarmed Military Vehicle:
    • 80k Per Vehicle.
  • Cargo Trucks:
    • 150k Per Vehicle.
  • Fuel Trucks:
    • 100k Per Vehicle.

Hero Trader: 

  • Armed Civilian Trucks:
    • 180k Per Vehicle.
  • Armed Military Trucks:
    • 280k Per Vehicle.

Super Hero Trader:

  • Trucks Armed:
    • 300k Per Vehicle.
  • APCs:
    • 500k Per Vehicle.

Air Trader

Normal Trader: 

  • Air planes:
    • 50k Per Vehicle.
  • Single-Seat:
    • 10k Per Vehicle.
  • Unarmed Helis
    • 280k Per Vehicle.


  • Armed Helis
    • 300k Per Vehicle. (Not Counting Pooks)

Super Hero: 

  • Armed Heils
    • 600k Per Vehicle.

Superior Hero:

  • Armed Helis
    • 800k Per Vehicle.
  • Jets:
    • 1 Mil Per Vehicle.

Note: If you feel the prices are too high. Be sure to make copy's of your keys and back them up.

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