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  1. Played with him. Nice guy, spoke for a while in discord. I'd think he would be a good person to consider...with one stipulation: He gets called "FishSticks".
  2. Parking around the trader halo is a continuing issue, especially at Stary. I'm constantly moving multiple vehicles left within 200 meters of the safe zone. It might be a good idea to consider creating a public parking area in the field to the east. It would be as easy as dropping in one of the vehicle garage buildings down next to the road and adding text prompts to the server spam that any vehicles left around Stary need to be there. As an alternative there could be a fenced in impound lot where offender's vehicles would be placed when they leave them too close. They would have to pay a fine to get them out instead of having to hike all the way to debug. I think most players are just discarding vehicles sent to debug and getting another one anyway.
  3. X would be a good candidate to consider. She's in discord, she's friendly but firm, and I've seen her be fair about things.
  4. Kelly


    Hey guys if you are new to the server or you want to mix it up a little I'm always up for teaming. We can do a mission that you have avoided because of difficulty or that you haven't worked out the tactics, I'm 100% up for "I wonder if you could..." stuff too like can you do a red mission with only a sledgehammer? [Spoiler alert: Yes it can be done] I love to try things out to see if they work so hit me up if you want to mess around or if you need a bit of advice on how to survive. I'm by far not the best on the server but I'm always open to sharing anything I've learned by watching those who are.
  5. Your In-Game Name: Kelly Date of bug: Ongoing Description of bug: The Merlin allows both towing and lifting. Towing should be removed, it's visually just....wrong lol.
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