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  1. Hey application has been accepted. Welcome
  2. DayZ Server Monetization From December 1st 2015, anyone who registers, is approved, and is listed on https://www.bohemia.net/monetization/approved/dayz is allowed following monetization of their Dayz "private shard" servers: Charging players to access your server, if the fees and associated perks do not affect gameplay in any way, is allowed. Limiting access to only paying players is allowed. Servers with access limited to paying players must be on a different hive, or have rules and settings identical to the freely accessible servers. Product placement, in-game advertising and sponsorship is allowed. Accepting donations is allowed, but to avoid any doubts: not providing donations must not prevent anyone from accessing the content. Selling of in-game items, that don’t affect gameplay, and selling of cosmetic perks are allowed. (Applicable only to servers with mods, after modding support has been added to Dayz) Please remember, that these rules do not apply to public hive Dayz servers or the Dayz mod! If we feel anyone on the list at https://www.bohemia.net/monetization/approved/dayz is exploiting any loopholes or is not acting in the best interests of the community, we will remove them. That will mean they will have to cease this kind of monetization immediately or face legal action.
  3. Hey thanks for applying, Reaper should be in contact soon.
  4. Added super loot mission Airdrop on Skalisty Island (its the only mission that spawns there) Added Hero Set Added Bandit Set Added Event crates to admin menu Updated Heli prices Updated Car prices Updated Gold Price (Worth more) Updated Mission (Military) Updated trader (Can now cook) Updated Keys (Now get one when you buy a Vehicle) Updated Land Rover Defender UN (Now comes fully kitted) Updated Bank max currency (50mil) Updated Admin Gear (Now a baseball cap and a vest with admin on) Updated Key price to 5K (If you lose a key buy on and a admin will reset your car to pair a new key) Testing Vodniks (more info to come) New staff Member Wayne
  5. Added Treasure Hunting and Air raids This mod add treasures to map. To find a treasure you need find an old photo. When you examine photo (take to hand and do action "Examine Photo"), you get a hint, where the treasure is located. Some treasures are very easy to find, but some are very hard. This mod adds more dynamic events to game. It's inspired by the Air Raid mod for Arma 2. When an air raid is coming, a siren will start. Then a bomber will release bombs and after some short time siren will stop.
  6. Added New Starter Gear RoadFlare ChernarusMap HuntingKnife BandageDressing SodaCan_Cola TunaCan Added New Trader Drug Dealer Added High End Trader (Better Items) Updated Hunter Trader Now Has Farming Updated Map Settings You Now Need A Map Updated General Trader (Used To Be Stary) Removed Farmer Trader Removed Black Market Fixed Book
  7. Updated Mh6 Now Locks Added Mines (sell only)
  8. Updated Ping limit to 400. Admin Levels Updated (Can only spawn Starter Gear / Admin Gear). Compensation Will Be Payed Into Player Game Bank Accounts.
  9. Spray Cans Added Uh1h Mh6 Merlin Bus Offroad Hatchback Hatchback Civilian Sedan Sedan
  10. High End Cars moved to Black Market
  11. Updating MVS mod
  12. Added Trader Lights Cleaned map (More fps) Added Respawn beds (1 Use) Fixed few trader prices (duping) Players that duped bank account wiped Removed flying barrels
  13. Added Respawn Beds Added KA 53 R999.999 Added Farmer Trader Added CannabisPlus Fixed Markers Fixed Trader Fixed Groups
  14. Added Land Rover Red Added Land Rover Green Added Land Rover UN Added Jeep Added Stary Trader Added Black Market Added Hunting Shop Removed Klen Trader Removed GM Trader Removed Vodnik (For now will be back)
  15. Hello @denlillefete if the server does have a password on it. its just means the staff are working on fixing something. You can keep up to date with everything on discord.
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